A New Year At Stovehouse!


The new year approaching is an opportunity for us to think back on the year we’ve had at Stovehouse and consider the possibilities for the new year!

So grab a drink, kick back, and join us for a leisurely stroll through (recent) memory lane! 

Our Event Center!

As the dust of construction blew away, a beautiful event center was revealed! 

We’ve already hosted a wedding, corporate events, a concert, Christmas parties, and family gatherings. So many exciting events are already on the books for the new year, so here’s a reminder to book your date now!

Photo from i3 Christmas Party

Oscar Moon’s Milkshake Shop

In the spring, Oscar Moon’s began slinging shakes that would make Leslie Knope proud. Serving up ice cream, craft sodas, malts, and (of course) milkshakes, we’re over the moon for Oscar Moon’s!

Microwave Dave Day and concerts all year!

Live music? Check. An Alabama LEGEND?! Check! We were honored to host the 2021 Microwave Dave Day.

Of course, Stovehouse and live music go together like trash and pandas, and we are grateful for every amazing act that has graced our many stages in 2021!

Opening of Pimentos

As the very first retail tenant on Gas Light Alley, Pimentos has been the perfect addition to welcome the shopping experience to campus!

This North Alabama staple has the best home decor and gift options, and with complimentary gift wrapping, it’s the perfect stop if you need a gift in a pinch.

Opening Charlie Foster’s (very pink) Doors! 

We love having the ghost of Charlie Foster to haunt the entrance of Gas Light Alley!

Stellar espresso, a robot barista, incredible seasonal drinks, and an admirable mission to employ neurodiverse people – what more could you ask for in Stovehouse’s resident coffee shop?!

new year, who dis?

With 2021 nearly in our rearview mirror, let’s now look ahead to some of the great things 2022 has in store for Huntsville at Stovehouse! 

Turning 93!

We know, we don’t look a day older than 87, but it’s true!

Noëlla’s Flower Shop

Spend 30 seconds with Erica and you will be SOLD on the mission of this business! We can’t wait for her first retail location to open here at Stovehouse.

The Furnace on The Hill

As you know, we sort of have a thing for revitalization so we had to squeeze just one more construction project in! The Furnace on The Hill is an outdoor extension of The Belle, built around a huge, historic furnace.

The Electric Belle — LIVE!

Our lovely Belle transforms into a midweek destination for live music, entertainment, and an awesome bar! Stay tuned for upcoming events in The Electric Belle.

I don’t know about you, but we’re feeling 2022

So much ahead for Stovehouse and our Huntsville home! Don’t miss out on anything by keeping an eye on our event calendar and become a VIP by signing up for our newsletter!


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