Burn Collective Fitness Studio

Burn Collective, a fitness studio in Huntsville, AL was created as a safe space for all women to come and feel empowered with the guidance they need to live a happy, healthy life.

Heather has adapted her diverse training background (Pilates, Yoga, and personal training) into a method that is focused on providing all fitness levels with an effective, fun workout that delivers results, without the intimidation aspect of other programs. We combine yoga, pilates, barre and traditional strength moves to burn it out!

Plateaus are rarely seen due to the variety of the workouts. This means boredom will not be a concern, but form is. So expect all instructors to cue you through the movements, pointing out targeted muscles, giving modifications and progressions when needed.

Our fitness studio in Huntsville, AL offers a variety of classes that will give you a balanced fitness routine, so you won’t have to worry about hitting the weight room or treadmill ever again!


3414 Governors Drive
Suite 565
Huntsville, AL 35805


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