Built ca. 1929 – revived 2019

Stovehouse is built on the bones of the Martin Stamping & Stove factory on Governors Drive in Huntsville, AL. Construction on the original building began around 1928 and was first home to the Electric Belle Stove Company. Soon after opening, the operation was scooped up by Martin Stamping & Stove out of Florence (where the company had foundries and was building cast iron stoves. The location in Huntsville produced gas and electric heaters (“stoves”), air circulators and more until the turn of the century.

Martin Stamping & Stove close upReconstruction on the campus now known as Stovehouse began in 2018 with the goal of reviving the energy of the old factory and the neighborhood surrounding it. Did you know: ALL of the outdoor areas you enjoy on campus were under roof before we uncovered what is now The Courtyard, The Food Garden & Leisure Lawn, Gaslight & Martin Alley?

As you explore the 12-acre campus, look for signs of the past in structures made from bridge trusses, railroads, and columns constructed from acetylene canisters repurposed during WWII austerity measures. Check out the old tanks & tumblers behind the Leisure Lawn stage and the sloped, Martin-family-add-on rooflines, the yellow & green compressor right outside Parm & Pepper. Read extended Martin Stamping & Stove history here >

As of 2020, Stovehouse is in full-swing—manufacturing leisure. It’s home to restaurants, event spaces, live music venues, bars, outdoor dining, coffee shops, boutique shopping, fitness studios and high tech companies. Check out the campus directory >


Martin Stamping & Stove / Martin Industries Historical Photos