Keeping Your New Years Resolutions At Stovehouse

This is a guest post from Rachel Brown aka Rocket City Dietitian

Resolutions—many people make them, few keep them. This could be because many of these goals are set in an ‘all or nothing’ mindset. Little in life is all or nothing. There is lots of grey area. Grey area is normal and ok. Lets work with this inbetween area and make peace with it.

This year, reframe how you decide your goals.

For some it could be “To lose weight.” I challenge you to reframe that phrasing and suggest: “Improve my overall health.”

This thought encompasses all aspects of health—mental health, physical health and maybe social health, too.

More resolutions to incorporate:


Stovehouse has all the goods to help you with these resolutions!


Utilize all the free options at Stovehouse: Ping pong, swings, hula-hoops, walk around the campus, free music, watch your favorite sports team plays on the TVs around the campus, movie nights and fire pit hangs!

Split a meal! El Cazador has a 4 taco meal that is easily split and one of my favorite options here.


F45 is a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) gym with classes Monday thru Saturday from 5am until 5:30pm daily.

I love this gym style—classes with physical trainers and is appropriate for beginners up to advanced athletes. You work within your own ability and can modify what you need. This gym can help with your physical health, mental and social health goals too.

The Fitzgerald Pilates is a pilates studio located on Gas Light Alley that includes memberships, drop ins, rebound mini trampoline classes and themed workouts. They also have an athletic wear and fitness shop.


Mental health encompasses many aspects. Physical fitness can definitely improve mood and support your mental health. Mental health can also be worked on from being outside in the fresh air.

Grab a jacket, sit on a swing, and sip on tea as you enjoy being outside!


Grab some friends and hang out at Stovehouse! Food, drinks, fire pits, ping-pong, dinner and drinks (coffee, boba, alcoholic drinks, too) and have real conversations with friends, new and old.


Supporting locally owned restaurants and shops helps keep revenue within our community and supports a real local family!

If fresh, healthy and delicious is something you are looking for, Stovehouse can satisfy and exceed those desires! 

These are some of my picks from different restaurants located in the Food Garden:


Modern Mediterranean! I love the option of a wrap or bowl. Add grains, lentils, quinoa, beans, hummus, healthy fats from olives, a plethora of veggies (lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, fresh herbs), chicken or falafel. I am a big fan of the Mediterranean diet for the variety of tastes, flavor, colors, fiber and heart healthy benefits that it promotes. 

If you have specific dietary restrictions, check out the menu for an informative graph informing you which menu item is: Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Paleo and Keto 


The broth here is not as salty as some you may have had and a hearty bowl of broth may be just what you need loaded with fresh veggies and gut healthy ingredients like kimchi (fermented cabbage). If you’re watching your sodium intake more strictly you can choose the seaweed salad (Kelp is a 2021 food trend for its antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber content) and steamed in shell edamame (soy protein and fiber) lightly salted and served with a lemon slice are more of my picks here.

IMG_9052 4.jpeg


Chinese takeout food can still fit into a healthy lifestyle.
Choose the grilled protein and vegetable options like the Chicken & Broccoli, Pepper Steak or Tofu with Mixed Vegetables for a tasty choice that has a good amount of protein and fiber with all the flavor!


The street tacos are a great choice here. Grilled protein (chicken, pork, beef) and fresh tomatoes, onion and cilantro with pickled carrot and onion served in fresh corn tortillas. Top with the green tomatillo or red salsa.


BBQ plate with a side of fresh slaw and unsweet tea or water. You must have your sweet tea? Try to wean down off the sweetness by doing half unsweet and half sweet to help cut down on the sugar content.


Three salad options here: Keto Salad (parmesan cheese croutons), Cobb and Wedge. The dressing will come on the side and one container is a good portion to enhance the flavors of the salads. The vinegar based house dressing is delicious and my top pick here. 

Grilled Chicken sandwich- marinated chicken breast topped with pickles on a bun is a tasty non salad option here.


Savory: Vegetarian wrap. The gluten free thin crêpe is made with rice flour, loaded with spring mix, spinach, avocado, cucumber, red onions, red pepper, corn, carrots, edamame and sesame dressing.

If you decide to get a boba drink (yum!) be sure to ask for half sweet, they also carry hot matcha, hot chocolate and matcha hot chocolate (ask for half sweet for this too!).

Sweet: Crazy Berries Crêpe. Blueberries, raspberries, sliced strawberries, whipped yogurt, custard cream, crushed dried red berries, granola, chocolate drizzle.

All wraps are made with rice flour and are gluten free.


Small cone, sundae, or split a shake!

Enjoy what you desire here without guilt or shame. Sip, bite, savor! Eat mindfully—enjoying the textures and flavors and check in with yourself halfway to see if you want to continue, or if you are pleasantly satisfied and can stop.

All foods can fit into a healthy lifestyle and you can eat this food anytime of year—no need to frantically eat all now!


If your trip to Stovehouse includes alcoholic drinks, pace yourself. Drink a full glass of water in-between drinks to space out your intake, cutting down on the caloric intake and alcohol volume.

For cocktails, skip the simple syrup-or ask for less sweet. Vodka, seltzer water and muddled mint and lime make for a fresh a delicious choice!  


Lattes (ask how many pumps of syrup is the usual and do less), black coffee, hot tea, cold brew and avocado toast (healthy fat & fiber) snack.

While visiting Stovehouse, make sure to check out these women-owned, local-owned small businesses located on Gas Light Alley.

Tap into your creative side and get messy with a pottery wheel class or series of classes. Gift a try it class or buy local artisan house made ceramics and other gifts.

The Party Prep Co.

Plan some memorable parties with help from this party shop. They sell party supplies and full party sets!

The Parlor at Stovehouse

Change things up and get a fresh look this year at this NEW full service salon and barber shop, conveniently located in The Breezeway at Stovehouse!

Peachtree & Co. /  Peachtree Interior Design / Belle Maison Collection / Noëlla’s Flowers / Pimentos

Up your gift giving game with these unique shops located on Gas Light Alley. Treat yourself or a friend to a fresh bouquet of flowers, clothing, jewelry, gifts, household goods, enjoy workshops and even interior design on Gas Light Alley at Stovehouse.

Keep Those Resolutions!

Any restaurant you chose at Stovehouse has healthy, fresh and delicious options for you to enjoy!

Challenging yourself is a good thing. Make those resolutions—just widen your definition to INCLUDE the journey. It does not need to be all or nothing.

What ever your resolution is, Stovehouse can fit and help support your goals all year!

Eat what you love without guilt or shame.

 – Rachel Brown aka Rocket City Dietitian

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