More than just a passthrough that connects west parking to the rest of campus, this alley is bordered by high-tech offices and end right behind The Shed. The alley is used for event overflow from The Shed rental events, for get-away-from-the-crowd dining & for popup markets, concerts and more. The alley is named for the Martin family which ran Martin Stamping & Stove in this location for nearly a century. The lighted metal truss-work above your head is a reminder of the old building that was revived (and sometimes removed entirely) to make Stovehouse the open-air village it has become.

Renting Martin Alley: Rental of Martin Alley is usually paired with a rental of The Shed. However, please contact us if you have an event you’d like to hold in the alley!

How to find it: Walk straight through The Shed from The Courtyard or try to spot the small entrance from west parking.

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