Performers: we’re thrilled to bring your talents to the campus at Stovehouse! First and foremost, we want to make sure you are compensated for the entertainment you bring to our patrons.

Please help us streamline the process, get you paid quickly and make it easy to book you more in the future.
You only need to do this step once, unless something changes with your setup etc.


  • Please complete this W9 form, and submit via email to
  • If applicable, please submit a stage plot / input list for stage so our sound engineers can have the stage set before you arrive. Please submit to
  • NOTE: Please arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to your performance start time for sound check ** If your act has more than 6 inputs, please arrive no later than 1 hour before start time.


  • Upon arrival on your performance date, you may check in with sound engineer at your stage or an employee at The Company Store. Either person will be able to direct you to stage, give you a key to back stage for equipment etc, get you in touch with other Stovehouse staff and hand you payment at end of evening.
  • Have any additional questions, please email or call (256) 801-2424 and we’ll get right back with you!