Dining at Stovehouse is spread across the entire campus, new procedures in place for May 11 reopen

HUNTSVILLE,​ ​Ala.​ ​​–​ If you’ve been to Stovehouse on a busy evening, you know that dining, live music and leisuring was primarily concentrated in the “Food Garden” area. But the campus spans more than twelve acres. Over the past weeks, Stovehouse management has worked according to CDC guidelines to optimize its courtyards, breezeways and covered outdoor areas for safe, separated, dining as crowds return. We call it “Dining at a Distance.”

“The goal here is to provide comfort and compliance,” says Stovehouse Operations Manager Jonathan Barnette. “We want customers to be able to enjoy our eclectic restaurants and bars, the great weather we’re having … and we have the advantage of being able to spread that experience out over a large area to keep things safe.”  

For the first phase of reopening that begins 5:00pm, May 11, tables on campus are spaced at least eight feet apart and still allow seating for several hundred customers. And just for safe measure, all areas will take advantage of fresh air and any added advantages of UV light. The result is a comfortable and considerate mix of shady under-cover, fan-cooled and sunny open-air dining that should provide a bit of a cure to this cabin fever we’re all feeling. Download campus dining map.

In addition, Stovehouse is deploying dedicated staff to sanitize tables between use. Restaurants will all employ low-contact strategies for ordering and restrooms will have automated soap and water for a low-contact experience.

Restaurants: All are open!

What about live entertainment and games?  Live entertainment is currently happening Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Check here for current events >

What about enforcement of rules? Stovehouse has “campus hosts” as well as regular security who will “educate, inform and enforce” any mandates from state/national authorities. In addition, Stovehouse management has released a few guidelines for what it calls “Considerate COVID Commingling Conduct or “CCCC). While the language in the guidelines keeps Stovehouse’s typical sense of humor, the tone on campus is far from being cavalier about COVID, says Jackson. “We’re posting these rules as a gentle reminder to our guests,” he says. “That if, and only if, we all act like grownups by policing our own behavior, we can keep Huntsville open and keep COVID-19 numbers down … and return more quickly to all the horsejackery we’re used to here at Stovehouse.”

CONTACT: Steven Jackson or (256) 714-2416 for more information

DOWNLOAD: Stovehouse COVID Poster  •  Stovehouse Aerial View of Dining Areas

About​ ​Stovehouse​: 

In the century-old building that was once all work and no play, the reimagined Stovehouse complex is now manufacturing leisure. Located at 3414 Governors Drive, the old Martin Stove factory is being transformed into a village of eclectic restaurants, gourmet cocktail & coffee bars, event & entertainment spaces, boutique shopping, offices and more.


Update as of Sept 3, 2020
Dear Stovehouse family: We want to bring you up-to-date on our plans and procedures for preparedness and protection for the COVID-19 concerns. We are keeping abreast of the situation and following recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and local/state officials.

Please continue to check this page for live updates as situations may change.

Our janitorial staff is enacting enhanced cleaning measures in regard to frequency and CDC-recommended cleaners.

Stovehouse restaurants are here for you! Support local businesses & keep getting your foodie fix! 

At this time, the campus is fully open: restaurants, businesses etc. Restaurants all offer grab & go, curbside delivery and delivery via GrubSouth, GrubHub, DoorDash as well. Restaurants are going above and beyond safety guidelines for your protection. Check with individual businesses for options of getting your fix from home! Please give restaurants a call individually to confirm hours, to order … then, park in Stovehouse East parking lot for pickup.
See Current Restaurant Ordering Options
Please contact businesses individually for their hours, policies and procedures in regard to COVID-19. On campus office tenants and businesses are welcome to conduct business as usual or enact alternate measures.
Please make yourself aware of CDC Guidelines for protecting yourself and helping to stop the spread of COVID-19. We want to make sure you, your friends and family are well enough to visit us often for some good ‘ol fashion #horsejackery and community fun.
Stovehouse takes your health, and the health of the community, country and beyond very seriously. While we, of course, want to be a place of festive fun, we will follow the lead of experts should additional preventative and shut down measures become necessary. Return to this page for updates or, click here to be notified of all Stovehouse news, events & more >

Thank you for your patronage & understanding during these complicated times!
-Stovehouse Management
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