The signature cocktails of “That Spirited Christmas” | December 16th, 2021 inside The Electric Belle


A signature feature of The Electric Belle is the bar, with an incredible menu and talented mixologists.

That Spirited Christmas will feature signature fa-la-libations, made just for this festive, motown-inspired night!

We asked Jeremy Concepcion, Food & Beverage Manager of the Stovehouse Event Center for his thoughts on each of these Christmas creations!

O Come All Ye Oaxacan


  • Reposado tequila
  • Tri-pepper cream
  • House mole liqueur

Jeremy says…

“Recently I came across a wonderful YouTube video of a guy going to a tiny village in Oaxaca to document how the infamous mole sauce was made.  It’s a super complex process that involves a myriad of different ingredients. I wanted to distill it into a drink, which led to “O Come All Ye Oaxacan.”

Expect a marriage of boozy, creamy chocolate spice in this flip-like cocktail that features reposado tequila from Corralejo”

Yes, please.


Chimney Diet Plan


  • Blood orange
  • Earl grey
  • Vodka
  • Stovehouse-grown Rosemary
  • Lemon

Jeremy says…

“When we think of winter cocktails, the mind often goes to eggnog and darker, heavier flavors. I thought it would be interesting to challenge the status quo and lean in the opposite direction while also paying homage to the season.

Chimney Diet Plan is a light, effervescent cocktail that features blood orange (just came in season) and earl grey tea, which I chose specifically to “mimic” the brick (red) and mortar (gray) of a chimney.”


Diagon Distillery


  • Butterbeer reduction
  • Woodford Reserve
  • Bitters
  • Candied pecans

Jeremy says…

“Being a booze enthusiast, the idea of Butterbeer from the Harry Potter books has always been saliva inducing for me. Buttery characteristics can be extracted from oak, a must-have for bourbon. This led to structuring the drink within the Old Fashioned family, which typically doesn’t involve carbonation. So, I took Flying Cauldron’s Butterbeer and cooked it down to achieve ideal sweetness and remove the fizz.

Expect a butterscotchy, nutty flavor profile from this seasonal libation.”

Don’t Miss Out!

These drinks will be a part of That Spirited Christmas, yet another reason to buy tickets to this festive event! These signature cocktails will pair perfectly with the motown-inspired Christmas tunes planned for the evening.

We offer signature cocktails as an option to Event Center guests as you build your custom bar package. Learn more about this and our other Event Center amenities.

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