Catering Options for The Shed & The Canteen

Catering Options for The Shed and The Canteen

Catering may only be provided by restaurants located Stovehouse. We do not allow outside catering.

Choose full-service catering from below by contacting them directly. It’s also fun to let guests purchase their food wherever they choose and bring it back into the Shed or The Canteen for your event.

Stovehouse is excited to be a Huntsville Arts & Entertainment district and offer purple cups for alcoholic beverages around campus. This offers you and your guests greater flexibility and a wider selection of beverages from the multiple bars on campus. However, this comes with some important legal restrictions, and we are happy to help you navigate these as you plan your event.


Bark & Barrel BBQ / Parm & Pepper
Stan Stinson
(256) 572-9868

The Brewers Cooperative
Jason Maddox

Charlie Foster’s
Jeremy Concepcion

El Cazador
Booked by your Stovehouse Experience Manager
(256) 957-6100

Fresko Grille
Christine Wang
(917) 215-9305

Oscar Moon’s
Jeremy Concepcion


Wok’s Up
(256) 678-7034