A list of frequently asked questions

Is Stovehouse Kid-Friendly?2019-09-25T15:24:34-05:00

Who’s being mean to kids?! We’ll fight ’em. While we do have alcohol on site and live music, the spaces here were designed for the whole family. Because mom and dad deserve a freakin’ break too 🙂 That said, you gotta supervise your children – or get a babysitter.

There are lawn games that everyone wants to play so Suzy & Johnny can’t camp out using the foot pool table as a playpen all night. And if you see them punting the balls at nearby wine-drinkers, we’ll have them exit the play area.

Because these things CAN happen, we are now having grown folk check out all games in the Company Store so 1. everyone has a chance to play and 2. we keep it safe and sane out there!

Are lawn chairs, lawn darts, or lawn mowers allowed?2019-09-25T15:17:36-05:00

You may bring folding lawn chairs for larger events if you’d like. However, we have seating for hundreds all around campus. Lawn blankets are great choices too! Lawn darts are banned and lawn mowers are only allowed if George Jones shows up.

Where should I park?2019-09-25T15:14:40-05:00

We have parking on the east and west sides of the Stovehouse campus. See the map >


  • Access by turning off of Governors Drive onto 9th Street
  • Or come in from on 4th Avenue off of Triana


  • Enter from Governors Drive across from Big Spring Cafe (across from 11th Street-ish)
Can I bring in outside food? Beverages?2019-09-25T15:08:23-05:00

Stovehouse has restaurants and beverages on-site. Our tenants have you covered! So … food and beverage? No. A birthday cake? YES!

Do you have rental spaces available for private parties, meetings etc?2019-09-25T15:05:24-05:00

We have one space available for private rental at the moment. In the near future, we will have much larger spaces built out. Please check out the Canteen page for more info on our 60-80 person room >

Do you have spaces available for leasing?2019-09-25T15:02:13-05:00

Stovehouse will have nearly 200,000 sq. ft. of office, retail, restaurant, entertainment and event space. Please contact leasing using this form or call Crunkleton Commercial Real Estate at (256) 536-8809

Who do I contact about performing at Stovehouse?2019-09-25T15:26:36-05:00

If you’d like to perform at Stovehouse, please fill out this form and don’t forget to send link to live performance video!

Can I take photos / videos at Stovehouse?2019-09-25T14:58:27-05:00

Great question! This place is full of photo opps. Check out all you need to know about our photo / video policy here >

Are pets allowed at Stovehouse?2019-09-25T14:56:49-05:00

Short answer … no. Because the whole campus is designated for food & beverage, we do not allow pets on premises. Of course, legit service animals may accompany you. Why? Here’s the current state of things in regards to “pets on patios.”

HOWEVER, this is a caveat. We do allow giraffes. Giraffes are awesome.

What are your hours?2019-09-25T14:49:23-05:00

Since Stovehouse is home to offices, retail, restaurants, fitness and nightlife, the answer is a bit more complicated than you might expect!

At this time, our public hours are:

Monday: 8am-11pm

Tuesday: 8am-11pm

Wednesday: 8am-11pm

Thursday: 8am-11pm

Friday: 8am-midnight

Saturday: 10am-midnight

Sunday: 10am-8pm