The act of slowing productivity and / or causing a commotion. (A reference to an event circa 1934 when a local farmer’s horse got loose and wreaked havoc in the building that is now Stovehouse. The legend suggests he galloped wildly past the stove line, causing several skittish workers to flee the building. Following the event, it was declared that any act affecting safety, productivity or business-as-usual, would henceforth be known as “horsejackery.”

EXAMPLES OF HORSEJACKERY: vandalism, prostitution, fighting, name-calling, bad jokes, intolerance, drunkery, excessive flatulation, general stupidity, public fornication, wine-wasting, use of “comic sans,” Nickelbackishness, pants-on-the-ground, derringer brandishment, moon landing denial, mansplaining, manspreading, vegan-bragging, sprinting in heels, begging, Richie-Rich flaunting …

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