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While it’s no surprise that Stovehouse is known for being a go-to spot for live music, eats, and drinks, did you know about all the businesses on Gas Light Alley?

Gas Light Alley is filled with local-owned, women-owned small businesses, including gyms, a flower shop, gift shops, a ceramics studio, and more! 

F45 was opened in September of 2020, and was the first business to open on Gas Light Alley. Owner Kobi Bell has always had a passion for fitness. She boldly took the leap into business ownership when she opened up F45 on the newly-opened Gas Light Alley.

“There’s a lot of growth with being a first time business owner, and also coming to a place that’s opening for the first time,” Bell stated. “There’s a unique experience in building up together, and we felt that F45 would drive daily customers to Stovehouse. It just really went hand-in-hand.”

Gas Light Alley is home to all women-owned small businesses. Kobi Bell started that trend when she opened the doors to F45.

“It’s absolutely incredible. Obviously, women do sometimes have the shorter end of the stick when it comes to opening businesses, getting funding, doing things that men might normally have an easier time with. So it’s been excellent to see so many like-minded women come together on Gas Light Alley. It’s incredible.”

Photo of F45 Owner, Kobi Bell
F45 West Huntsville owner, Kobi Bell

At Stovehouse, we have a passion for local. Stovehouse is locally-owned, and is proud to be home to 100% locally-owned businesses in all of our public spaces. Our Food Garden restaurants, the retail shops on Gas Light Alley are all locally-owned small businesses—even most of the bands who grace our Main Stage are local! 

“I definitely think it’s important to support local small businesses. It’s important to support the people who are really the backbone of the community. There are a lot of really strong women here who have a vision, have a passion, and most of the time can get it done better than those big box businesses. Supporting local keeps food on the table for families, keeps Stovehouse growing, and keeps those businesses alive… You’re really getting the heart and soul of Huntsville at Stovehouse.”

In 2022 we saw many new businesses come to Gas Light Alley – Noëlla’s Flowers, Belle Maison, The Vessel, and more! With events like Mrs. Claus’ Snow Stroll, the ladies of Gas Light Alley have worked together to make amazing experiences for all guests!

“Now that Gas Light Alley is essentially full, we just have a really strong group of small business owners who can tackle anything… It’s exciting to have people who have your back and who have the best intention, not just for their business, but for all of Gas Light Alley. When one business wins, we all win. It’s a really wonderful thing to have this group of women working alongside me here at Gas Light Alley.” 

Did you know that F45, in addition to being a local-owned, woman-owned gym, has been voted the best gym in Huntsville the last two years?! 

“F45 training is the best just because it’s a melting pot of fitness. We can take people who have never worked out before with people who have been working out their entire lives and put them in the same room, and you’re never gonna know the difference. For many, there are so many fears and anxiety behind fitness, and we really strive hard to make sure that this is a place where you feel comfortable the second that you walk in the door.

“The key thing with F45 is just the community. It’s the people. If you want fitness and you’re not sure where to start, we are here to help you every step of the way.

“If you’re interested in just trying F45, give us a call, stop by, DM us, whatever you’d like. We’d love to meet you, give you the tour, make sure that this is the place for you. If you’re interested in starting one of our trials, we’ve got a couple different options for locals. You can go to for more information!”

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