Oh Crêpe

Japanese Crepe: Sweet & Savory Snacks To Eat On The Go

As a popular street food, crepes are filled with sweet or savory ingredients, both wrapped up in an easy-to-carry paper cone. Sweet Crepes tend to contain less sugar then French ones, normally filled with custard cream, fresh fruits, ice cream or cheese cake. As for Savory Crepes, they contain a base of salad, cheese, avocado, cucumber, corns and some other vegetables and some sort of proteins like chicken, steak, shrimp, ending up with Asian sauces.


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Dining at Stovehouse

Seating is available outdoors, under covered open-air areas (with ceiling heat / fans) as well as inside the climate-controlled Booth & Canteen areas. All areas on campus are for community seating. Think of it as a food hall, a food garden or even a fancy-schmancy food court.

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