The Shed FAQs

We are so excited to have Stovehouse be a part of your special event! Please fill out a rental form here and an Experience Manager will be in touch with you regarding your event.

The Shed can accommodate approximately 175 people seated and up to 200 people standing. But if you have a larger party, you can always use the Shed as your main hub and use the public space in the Courtyard and Martin Alley as overflow.

The Shed is 35ft x 48ft (approx 1700 sq. ft.).

The rental cost (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) is $400 for the first 2 hours and just $75 for each additional hour after that. The rental cost (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) is $500 for the first 2 hours and just $75 for each additional hour after that.

Please make sure to include your catering setup/breakdown time into your reservation as well as cleaning up your rental space. We are happy to provide cleaning for the space for a fee of $75.

The Shed does not have air-conditioning, however, it has 4 high powered fans that generate a great airflow in the space. It’s important to note that the temperature outside will be consistent with the temperature in the space. The Shed has 6 heaters that have been installed on the ceiling to help heat the space during the colder months. With the heaters and fans on, the heat fills the space very comfortably.

Absolutely, the cost to rent Martin Alley is a flat rental fee of $250. We allow “overflow” into Martin Alley for Shed rental guests. Overflow allowed are guests being able to walk/mingle into the space. If the renter wants to set up any tables, chairs, or any decorations that will require the additional rental fee.

Yes, we offer a 20% nonprofit discount. We request documentation supporting your nonprofit to receive the discount.

Fresko Grille (Mediterranean)
Diana Blasco Becdach
(256) 606-9857

Bark & Barrel BBQ &
Parm & Pepper
Stan Stinson
(256) 572-9868

El Cazador
Barbie Sumner
(256) 783-9049

Charlie Fosters
Austin Jenkins
(256) 651-0114

Catering for Shed events is offered ONLY by the restaurants located inside Stovehouse. We do not allow outside catering at this time. This includes outside drinks. Snacks & drinks may be catered by the Company Store. No outside alcohol may be brought onto campus.

Yes, birthday cake or cupcakes are allowed for your event.

We ask that all reservations include any setup time that you might need before your guests arrive and also anytime that you might need to breakdown after your guests leave. If you are having your event catered, we ask that you also include catering setup/breakdown times as well. You will only be allowed in the room during your reservation time.

Please plan your reservation time for the maximum time you expect to use the room. If you want the party to continue, please move your group out into the common spaces. We keep a tight schedule of private rental, public use, and cleaning in between!

We offer (35) 4-top tables with 160 chairs, (12) round high top tables, (20) extra chairs to accommodate your event. Prior to your event, our event coordinator will contact you to ask how you’d like the room to be setup. We are happy to offer suggestions based on your headcount and event needs.

Table dimensions:
4-top tables: 30 inches tall and 3ft x 3ft square across.
High-top tables: 42.5inches tall and 23.5inch round top.

You may provide table cloths, floral arrangements, or centerpieces to decorate the tables as you would like. Balloons and free-standing decorations are also allowed. Please do not hang decorations or signs on painted walls. No glitter or confetti is allowed. The renter is obligated to cover any damages done to the room during their event. Please keep in mind that the Shed has a nice airflow through the event space. The breeze is something to keep in mind when trying to display table cards or other table decorations.

No, we do not. Our tables are lightweight for flexibility of arrangement. The tables are very nice and go with the unique industrial theme of the Shed. We feel tablecloths are not necessary to ensure your event looks great. However, you are welcome to bring in your own tablecloths if desired.

In the Shed, there is an audio rack on the left side of the Martin Stovehouse Mural Wall. Inside you can control the audio levels and fans. Please as a campus host for assistance.

We have a large screen 65 inch portable television on a rolling stand which can be rented for a small fee for your event. Please keep in mind that all televisions might be a little difficult to view during the daylight. Your computer can be connected to the television using the HDMI cable connected to the TV. Please make sure you have any adaptors required to convert your computer to HDMI. Once you are connected, use the television remote and to choose HDMI Input 1 or 2. A USB drive may also be used to present images or a video by plugging in to the left side USB port and using the TV remote. Please request assistance!

Audio/Visual Equipment Rental Options for the Shed

Yes, we are happy to provide a microphone for your event. Please let our event coordinator know that you will need one. You may also rent a wireless microphone for the event for a small fee. Please check out our additional audio rental options below.

Audio/Visual Equipment Rental Options for the Shed

Yes! We have provided privacy curtains on three sides of the room that you are welcome to keep closed for your event.

Absolutely! The Shed was created to support live music. It has a brilliant sound system and the rental includes a portable stage, white stage lighting, and color ambiance lights. We are happy to provide audition audio/tech support for your band at your event. Please check out our rental options:

Audio/Visual Equipment Rental Options for the Shed

Of course! Stovehouse is known for its live music and we are happy to send you a list of bands and musicians to help you in your search for live entertainment that is perfect for your event.

If you would like the curtains open or close, please ask for assistance! You may pull them back to the tie backs whenever you wish.

Campus Host Onsite (256) 210-1030

The Shed is located directly across from public restrooms.

Pourhouse is happy to accommodate your alcoholic beverage needs to help make your event a success. Alcohol may be purchased inside the Pourhouse and brought into the Shed, OR Pourhouse can provide a bar onsite for your function. No outside alcohol per campus liquor license. Please contact Pourhouse’s Event Coordinator at (256) 970-4097 ext. 106 or by email

Once you decide on a calendar date, your date will be penciled in on the calendar until a deposit is paid. We ask that you pay the 50% nonrefundable deposit in order to lock in your reservation on the calendar. The deposit invoice is sent over email, so we will need a preferred email address to send this to you. The deposit is due within three days of receipt. The remaining balance will not be due until three days before the event. We appreciate your prompt payment.

A tour of Stovehouse typically takes around 30 minutes and we are happy to incorporate it into your event. Just let Stovehouse Events know that you are interested when booking your event.